Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cholesterol deposits on eyelids..?

Cholesterol deposits on eyelids and heart disease

In its cardiology section, t
he Toronto Medical Post reported on its December 14th 2010, page 55 that a recent research indicated that patients who have cholesterol deposits on

eyelids are at significant risk of heart attacks, ischemic heart disease and possible death. It reported that a research indicated that these xanthelasmata are deposits that, like athero
mas, are composed of macrophages that have taken up cholesterol and became foam cells. A Danish researcher indicated that, the above study lasted 33 years which revealed that when these yellowish lesions are observed then the risk of heart attack is increased 51%, the risk of developing ischemic heart disease is increased 40% and the risk of death is increased 17% when compared with individuals who do not exhibit xanthelasmatas. Dr. Mette Christoffersen PhD of University of Copenhagen Hospital said the prevalence of xanthelasmatas is 4.4%.

For the past 10 years, I have been treating this condition with Lecithin granules, EFA and elimination of processed fat and elimination of fried food.

From The Medical Post of Toronto Dec 17, 2010
Prepared by Dr. Fateh Srajeldin BSc., ND Naturopathic and Allergy Clinic 416-207-0207

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