Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How holistic is HST ..?

I am wondering about fairness, equality and HST..?
an individual who consults a chiropractor for a treatment pays the treatment fee and the service is HST exempt which is just fair and right. The same patients does not pay HST when consulting with an osteopath, again osteopathy treatments are HST exempt. Which is fine and fair. I wonder why is the patient being penalized with HST when consulting with a naturopath for health issues...? Medical doctors' treatments are exempt too.

This unfair action raises several questions,
1- is the government saying that chiropractic treatment are mandatory and naturopathic treatment are luxury..?
2- is the goverment saying patients should be penalized if they consult with a naturopath..?
3- is the goverment saying health issues are negtiable whether credible or fake..?
4- is this practice by the government fair and equal..?
5- what criteria did the goverment use to establish who is lucky enough to charge HST and who is the unluck who doesn't have to pay HST..?

This is unfair to our patients who face 13% increase on their treatment let alone the increase of 13% on their remedies. I understand and the HST charge on remedies. But I do not understand the logic behing HST on services.

I will be filing a petition to the government on behalf of my patients. If you feel that the request is fair then lets work on it together. Lets stop HST on naturopathic services.

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